COVID-19: Soccer Transitioning in a Pandemic
May 16, 2020

With the pandemic deeply impacting the health of sanctioned soccer in our region, our board took a deeper look at how this could play out for our membership. While cancellations continue until a safer time, it is important that during this time we do all we can to ensure the safety of our members and financial health of our clubs.

The below report showcases early trends and concerns with safety and financial impact in youth sport. It should be noted that some of the studies cited are American and may not translate north of the border, but assuming the results carry over, the information should give us insight into three things:

  • How our membership is handling COVID-19
  • How they feel about safety in soccer
  • How to best mitigate registration declines.

Using these insights, we need to be diligent on how we as leaders in our clubs are self-auditing in this time to maximize the health of our clubs and members.

Should you find value in this, I encourage you to share this with other members of the Hamilton and Ontario Soccer community and to share back with us any other findings.

Should you have any questions about the studies cited or the document itself please contact our secretary James Hutton.

Stay safe.


Download the Hamilton Soccer COVID-19 Report Here.

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