Our New Crest
February 13, 2020

Cascades of Talent. Growing Grassroots. Canada Red.

The new Hamilton Soccer crest was shaped by the members in our community. From our diverse membership focus groups were used to help hear about not just what Hamilton is, but why soccer is different here. We found a few key insights:

  • Hamilton is known for grit, but those locally know a softer side. In what other city can travelling teams see waterfalls before games?
  • We are many clubs, from many backgrounds, in very different demographics. The one thing that unites us is our Canadian identity. Hamilton Soccer stands red with Canada, but can we stand for our individual clubs as well?
  • We are not just Hamilton, and we aren’t just Brantford or Paris. We are nine surrounding regions of clubs that make up the region’s soccer tapestry.

Recognizing our alignment to Canada and Ontario Soccer, it’s the colours of each club that is know locally. All of our member clubs will also be receiving the new Hamilton Soccer logo in their club’s colours to be used as required.

This is our new badge of growing youth soccer, this is our new badge of our communities united, and united under this badge, we move forward together..

For soft copies or variations of the logo please contact James Hutton at secretary@hamiltonsoccer.net.

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