Hamilton Soccer Fees

2020 Registation Fees

Mini Recreational  –  $15.00

Youth Recreational  –  $17.00

Youth Competitive – $44.00

Senior Recreational – $26.00

Senior Competitive – $61.00

Indoor 2017/2018 – $18.00

Staff – N/C

Player/staff books  –  $5.00

Youth Transfers –  $20.00

Senior Comp. Transfers – $44.00

Senior Rec. Transfers – $26.00

Travel Permits –  $5.00

Trial Permits  –  $20.00

Temporary Permits – $10.00

Registration Payment Policy

Interim invoices will be issued to each club for 85% of the previous year’s total registration.

This amount will be payable no later than May 1.

The balance of the fees, based on the actual registrations for the year, minus the amount paid for affiliation fees, shall be payable no later than August 31.

All Clubs failing to pay these amounts when due will be charged interest at 2% per month and will be declared not in good standing, and will also be suspended until all amounts due are paid in full.

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