About Us

Hamilton Soccer is the governing body of soccer in Hamilton, Brantford and Paris. An extension of Canada Soccer and Ontario Soccer, we work to support, promote, and facilitate standards based soccer to grow the game in our region.

By supporting our member clubs, leagues, and academy we ensure they have the resources, training and ability to service their participants to the best of their ability.


A region steeped in soccer history, Hamilton has seen it’s share of championships and milestones. Learn more about some of the most important moments in our history are recorded here.

Mission, Vision and Manifesto

All Hamilton Soccer stakeholders and participants are bound by a common mission, vision, values and manifesto that support the advancement of individuals, our communities, and the unifying sport of soccer.


Hamilton Soccer is led by a dedicated staff team and board of directors who are responsible for stewarding the organization, setting direction and strategy, and executing the day to day operations of the organization.

Want to get involved with Hamilton Soccer?

Grassroots Soccer Hamilton is a not-for-profit legacy project from the 2015 PANAM Games allowing 500 children within the precinct of Tim Hortons Field to participate in free, organized soccer.